Product Description

Manufacturer Introduction

PenPower was founded in Taiwan in 1991. At that time, we invented a Chinese handwriting pad to enable people with no computer literacy to input handwritten Chinese characters. Since then, PenPower has been leading the field of automatic recognition such as speech recognition, optical character recognition, business card recognition, and face recognition to alleviate computer input tasks.


Ys Choice is an importer and distributor of useful overseas products that are not yet available in Japan. As an authorized importer of WorldCard Cloud in Japan, we deliver our products with all our heart. As a salesperson, I used to keep business cards from customers in an analog file to check their contact information. However, the more business cards I received, the more difficult it became to carry and manage them. I used to keep only the most frequently used contacts on my phone. With the WorldCard Cloud, I can scan the business cards on the spot, or I can bring them back to the office and have my office staff scan them for me. Translated with (free version)

Digitize a business card in about 5 seconds

By scanning the business card you receive, you can automatically capture not only the color image of the business card, but also the information on the business card such as name, company name, title, department name, and work phone number. It can recognize 26 languages! No more need to manage with analog business card files!

Data conversion with scanner & app

In addition to using a PC to import business card data using a scanner, you can also take pictures of business cards and convert them to data from a smartphone app when you are out and about! You can organize your business cards right away, no matter when or where you are!

Find a business card in one second.

You can categorize the business cards you have received, register frequently used cards as favorites, and enter memos. The search function allows you to search for business partners, names, titles, etc. to quickly find the business cards you need from the huge amount of business card data you have registered! Of course, you can also search by the contents you have written down during registration! Translated with (free version)

User-frentry design

It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not good at operating computers or smartphones. The imported data can be used for calling, sending e-mails, searching routes, and SNS with just one tap. There is no need for tedious manual input!

Access your contact data anytime, anywhere

You can access the contact data with the dedicated software on your computer or the app on your smartphone or tablet. With cloud management, you can check your business card contacts anytime, anywhere as they are immediately synchronized no matter which device you use! You can also view business card images, so you don’t need to carry around business card files anymore!

Digital business card function that can be used in remote meetings

By registering your scanned business cards as online business cards, you can create business card data that can be used for online meetings and email attachments! The person receiving the data can not only view the business card data, but also register their contact information with a single tap! In this age of remote work, this is a great tool to use!

Business card data can be shared within the company.

If you are using WorldCard Cloud in your company, you can set up permissions to share and view business card data! You can set permissions so that supervisors can view their subordinates’ business card information and subordinates cannot view their supervisors’ business card information. You can set permissions so that your boss can view your subordinates’ business card information and your subordinates can’t view your boss’ business card information. You can also set restrictions on the data that can be viewed by each department, so you can separate data from other departments and teams. Translated with (free version)

Export business card data

You can exchange data with customer management tools such as Salesforce, email servers, Lotus Notes, Ms Exchange, ACT! You can save both text information and business card images in Outlook format.

Envelope and label printing of contact data is also possible.

You can even use your registered contact data to print on envelopes and labels! You can use it to mail documents and products to your business partners.

In-house scanning services are also available.

It is possible to scan business cards on behalf of your boss or colleagues at their request. You can also categorize the scanned business card data on their behalf. After sending the scanned data, the other party will be notified and no data will be left on your PC.

Compatible with any device

Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Web I want to use it at the end of a difficult argument! I want to use it on my computer! “I want to use it, but my computer doesn’t support it…” There is no need to be disappointed.

About Cloud Computing* Be sure to check

WorldCard Cloud is a smart business card scanner and business card management system for busy business people. It is available with a subscription for cloud management software to manage your contact data. To renew or add other user licenses Click the “Renew or Purchase Other User Licenses” button on the “Registration Information” page. Select whether you want to add other users or renew your current user license. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the number of users, the renewal period, and make the payment. When the renewal is complete, the information on the “Registration Information” page will be updated. Note: The renewal fee per user per year is US$60 (payable in one-year increments). Also, the maximum number of registered users is 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the renewal period? A: Renewals are due every year from the time of initial registration. You will receive a notification by e-mail when the renewal period is approaching, so please complete the renewal procedure. If you don’t renew, the data will be stored for 180 days, so please convert it to another software format. Please note that after 180 days, the data will be deleted. Q: If I do not want to update the software, can I just use the scanner? A: Since this product is a scanner for cloud management only, you cannot use it to scan business cards only without renewing the license. Q: Do I need to purchase scanners for the number of users I want to use? A: Each scanner includes a subscription for one user, so you only need to purchase additional scanners for the number of users you wish to use. For example, if you purchase 3 scanners to share business card data with 10 people, you only need to purchase 7 user licenses. 0 users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I purchased multiple units, but I only have one activation code. A:If you purchased a set of multiple computers, we will prepare a special activation code that is valid for the number of licenses for the number of computers. When the administrator enters the activation code and registers the number of users, the number of users can be limited to the number of units (if there are five units, the license is for five users). If you need more licenses than the number of scanners, you will need to purchase additional licenses separately. Q:What happens to the subscription fee if the number of employees increases during the course of the subscription? A: A one-year subscription starts from the date of the first activation, and all licenses expire at the same time. Therefore, if you add users in the middle of the year, the subscription cost will be lower than US$60, because the system will automatically calculate the remaining days on a pro-rated basis. You only need to pay the amount shown when you add a license to use the software. Q:Do I need $60 even for a user to share data? A:The cost is $60/year per user. However, if you want to create accounts for your colleagues or subordinates, you will need to pay an additional $6.00/year per user. However, if you want to create an account for a colleague or subordinate for one administrator to set permissions, etc., an additional $6.00/year will be charged per person. When logging in with the same account, please note that you cannot log in from the same device (iPhone to iPhone, PC to PC, etc.) at the same time. If you are using different operating systems (iPhone and PC, etc.), you can log in at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to add a user license, how do I pay? A:When you add a license from the WorldCard Cloud software, you will see a link for PayPay payment. For more details, please contact PayPal. Q: I want to use this service in my company. Can I share the data imported by multiple scanners? A: It is possible to share the data imported by multiple scanners. You will need to have a single administrator account, but you can share the data by obtaining a license for the number of scanners. Q: Is there a limit to the number of business cards I can scan? A: You can store up to 25,000 business cards. Q: The phone numbers on the business cards are written in Chinese characters. A: Yes, both Chinese characters and phone numbers will be converted to Arabic numerals and registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I scan both sides of a document? A: You cannot scan both sides at the same time, but you can scan one side at a time and save both sides. A: No, you can’t scan both sides at the same time. Q: What is the maximum size of business cards that can be scanned? A: Business cards can be scanned up to 55mm x 95mm in size. Q: What is the maximum thickness of a business card? A: Business cards can be scanned up to 0.6mm thick. Q: What happens if there are handwritten characters on the business card? A: Handwritten characters are not supported. Q: What happens if there is a logo or photo on the business card other than text? A: Logos and photos with special characters will not be recognized as text, but they can be saved as image data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is the scanned business card image data in black and white or color? A:All data can be imported in color. Q: I have written down the date of meeting on a business card. How can I record such information? A: The scanner will not record handwritten notes, so please use the note function of the application or software. Q: Can I divide the data into folders? A: Yes, there is a categorization function that allows you to create your own categories to categorize your data. Q:Is it possible to set the viewing permissions for each position? A: You can set the viewing privileges in the administrator’s account. Supervisors can view the data of their subordinates, but subordinates can not view the data of their supervisors. It is also possible to set restrictions on viewing by department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:With which map application is the location information such as address linked? A:You can use Google Map to display the map. Q:Can I view the scanned business card data on my iPhone, Android smartphone, or iPad? A: Yes, you can. However, you cannot log in with the same account on the same type of device (e.g. iPhone and iPhone) at the same time. Q:Is it possible to reflect data to contacts on my iPhone, Android, or other smartphones? Is it possible to synchronize them? A: The imported data can be reflected in the contacts of your smartphone if you wish. Q:Is it possible to change the PC I use? (Is it okay if I buy a new PC?). A:Yes, you can. A: Yes, you can, but please note that you cannot log in with the same model at the same time. Q:Can I use the scanner on multiple computers? A:Yes, it is possible to connect the scanner to other computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have the old product, what has changed? A: We have greatly expanded the functionality from the old type product. Please refer to the table in the image for details.