【 Firm support for circular saw 】

The circular saw guide ruler from Ys Choice is a must-have when cutting out with a circular saw.

The circular saw guide ruler can be used to help with the difficult task of cutting the board in a straight line, increasing both the speed of the work and the quality of the finished product.

In addition, the long handle allows for stable cutting by hitting the wood all the way to the end, even near the end where it tends to be unstable.

It is also possible to cut the same width of wood repeatedly.


【 Can be cut straight 】

You can use the circular saw guide to cut straight.

【 Stable handle 】

The stable handle allows you to use it with peace of mind.

【 Can be cut repeatedly 】

It is possible to cut the same width of wood repeatedly.

【 Available sizes 】

This circular saw guide ruler is suitable for wood up to approximately 60 cm (24 inches).
You can easily cut out from a large wide piece of wood.

It can be used in a wide range of applications depending on the wood used.
The circular saw body can be fixed to the mount for stable cutting.

【 Ambidextrous 】

The mount can be used ambidextrously.

【 important point 】

Since the circular saw is designed to be fixed in two places at the top, please make sure you have the necessary space before use.

【 Useful for DIY and Sunday carpentry 】

The circular saw guide ruler of this product can be used for various DIY and Sunday carpentry works such as shelf building and tables. It allows beginners to easily cut wood in a straight line and enjoy their work even more. Using a circular saw guide ruler will also reduce the unnecessary load on the saw blade and reduce the risk of kickback. In addition, the aluminum part is a ruler with a memory of 1mm increments, so you can use it as a guide or cut accurately while measuring the length.

【 How to assemble 】

①Use the tapping screws to fix the rail and edge guide.

②Attach the circular saw fixing plate to the thread.

③The position of the fixing plate can be changed according to the standard of the circular saw.

④Install the circular saw fixing screw using the supplied hexagonal wrench.

⑤Fit the filler strip into the threads.

⑥Attach the stopper. For right-handed use, use the right side.

⑦Use a plate and an immersion screw to extend and fix the rail.

⑧Thread it through the rail and you’re done.

⑨It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

【 Product Specifications 】

●Please check the “Size” image.

●Color” blue

●Set includes: Circular saw guide ruler x 1 (with accessories)

●Material” made of aluminum