Product Description

【 Selected mist hoses.】

Ys Choice mist hoses are more durable than conventional mist hoses.

It is also made of environmentally friendly and safe materials, so you can use it with confidence.

Furthermore, the material used is of higher quality than conventional mist hoses, making it possible to reduce deterioration and ensure long-term use.

If you are looking for a misting hose, please take this opportunity to use a misting hose made by Ys Choice.

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【 Product Specifications 】

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【 Water the targeted areas thoroughly 】

The adjustable water volume design allows you to water a wide area and spread the water evenly.

【 Capable of watering a wide area 】

Ys Choice misting hoses include hoses, nozzles, drips, and tee joints that allow you to water directly to the roots of your plants!

This product also makes it possible to water a wide area and evenly distribute the water, preventing overwatering.

【 Enjoy the summer in comfort 】

This item can be used after exercising on a hot day or playing in the water with your children to enjoy the summer in comfort.

【 How to use a misting hose 】

The length of the hose can be adjusted to fit the shape of your garden or balcony, and you can simply cut the hose at the desired location and connect the adapter.

If you want to water from the top, you can fix the hose to a clothesline, fence, railing, etc. with a band or rope to make watering from off the ground possible.

We hope you will enjoy your vegetable garden and gardening, leaving the tedious watering to the mist hose.

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【 Works in a wide range of situations 】

This product can be used in your garden as well as in your home.

It can be used in a wide range of situations, including agriculture, lawn, balcony, flower garden, greenhouse, seedling cultivation, and garden watering.